Conversations With Justin

Latest interview: Vince Connelly MP

As a former Army Officer, Member of Parliament and now CEO of RSL Western Australia, Vince Connelly shares his expert insights into the world of Australian veterans, their future challenges and opportunities, plus the unique skill sets that the RAAF produces in its personnel which are valuable to many other sectors of the economy.

Previous interview: Clint Ford – Lobbyist

Join us as we explore the sometimes mystical world of lobbying and public affairs, and discuss how Australia’s lobbying industry has evolved in recent years.

Previous interview: Jason Falinski MP

Topics: Cost of living and housing affordability, immigration and its role in the economy, energy security and the best sledges of Jason’s parliamentary career.

About Conversations With Justin

Australia is a special country with many great contributors, and Justin is proud to bring you the very best of our nation’s brightest minds and forward thinkers during this podcast series.

Since Federation in 1901, Australian media has heavily concentrated itself on a handful of key contributors at any given moment, but the truth is our country has built itself on the back of many significant people, some of whom have made contributions in more than just one area over time.

Conversations With Justin gives you the opportunity to explore the thinking and mindset of the current generation of these contributors, drawn from politics, business and the community.

Podcasts are ideal for at home, in the car or even on a quiet work day when the mind wanders into what comes next for Australia and how we arrived at where we are today.

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